The revolutionary service to manage your venue

à la carte is an all-in-one, secure, real-time service that gives you complete control of your business in a smart, digital way.


How does à la carte work?

Customers will be able to make orders by accessing to your restaurant's menu directly from the comfort of their smartphone, and you will be in control of orders, menus, and tables.

  • Overview of halls and tables

    Through the à la carte dashboard you can rebuild your digital restaurant by creating halls and adding tables. You will have a complete overview of the status of orders and bill requests in the control section, and can add notes to each table to record any important information.


  • Management of bills

    Enter a table to check your customers' orders in real time and manage the bill flexibly. Manually add or remove items, change the number of guests at the table, apply discounts and print the pre-bills, use the chat to print messages at the various areas and clear the table once the order is closed.


  • Customising the menu

    Create, change and customise your offer at any given time. Thanks to à la carte, changing your menu will no longer be a problem: create different menus for each occasion and organise them into categories. Add items by entering a description, photos, allergens, tags, personalised changes, prices and target locations. Decide when to publish or hide a dish from the menu in real time.


  • Dashboard and analysis of the venue

    The Dashboard section of à la carte provides detailed insights into the performance of your venue by generating customised charts to display key information. Receive customised monthly reports compiled by the à la carte team for insights into the data collected during the service.


  • Connect your printers

    Connecting your printers to à la carte will create several printing stations and allow for immediate communication with different areas of the venue. Our batching algorithms will send the orders for each table, sorting the items according to the destination area set by you.



The à la carte process

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Your clients will get more out of the à la carte service

  • Choose a plan tailored to your business

    Compare offers and choose whether to activate a monthly or an annual subscription, you can decide to renew or discontinue the service at any time depending on your needs. Sign up now to get à la carte for free for the first month.

  • Your personal data is safe

    All data collected by à la carte is stored securely, guaranteeing the privacy of our users. For more information please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.

  • Digitalize your restaurant in a flexible way

    A la carte will give your restaurant an innovative and digital look and allow you to maintain your identity and the same level of service. Our software is designed to accommodate the needs of your service in a smart and flexible way: you can decide how to use it according to your needs.

  • New features coming soon

    Our team is continuously working to optimise existing features and design new ones, by gathering feedback and suggestions from our partners and potential customers, in order to deliver excellent service. Sign up now to get access to all future features with no change in your subscription price.

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